The Six Rules of Muzzle Loading

This comprehensive presentation teaches the best methods for successful muzzle loader hunting. Jim distills his 25 plus years of muzzle loader hunting and research into 6 concise “Rules” that will help both novice and veteran hunters to have a more successful hunt. In addition to being an active muzzle loader hunter, Jim has spend decades researching old time muzzle loading hunting techniques. Jim shares much of that rerseach with the audience. While talking about The Rules many hunting stories will be used to illustrate the points in the rules.

The Six Rules are:

1. Keep your powder dry

Tips for avoiding having internal or external moisture cause a hang fire or a misfire.

2. Never do something in the woods without testing it at the range.

All about the best procedures to use when developing a load and sighting in

3. Hunt Small

How to successfully scout and set up for muzzle loader hunting

4. Immediately reload

What to do after the shot.

5. Be organized

There’s a reason why the old timers carried a shooting bag. This will be explained in detail

6. Practice, Practice, Practice

The best ways to practice for the hunt so you don’t miss the shot on a lifetime trophy.

Quality Muzzle Loading: Better Results lower cost.

Jim strongly proscribes to the idea that the less something costs the more you can do it. Jim is constantly experimenting with new a different ways of improving his muzzle loader shooting and of lowering the cost per shot. Some of these experiments have worked and some have not. All the experiments provide valuable lessons to other hunters. Some tips and tricks the audience will learn about include:

Making your own clean solution and cleaning patches

Low cost projectile alternatives for target practice

The best way to clean and maintain a muzzle loader

How to develop a balanced load for hunting

Preparing for field conditions


Scouting and hunting public land

Sure fire ignition tips

The muzzle loader mindset