Jim SwansonJim is the consummate outdoors man.  He is an accomplished muzzle loading hunter, a living historian, a storied wilderness travel, and a great story teller.  

Canoeing the Arctic

Travel from the middle of no-where in the Yukon Territory to the middle of no-where Alaska with Jim by canoe. This presentation features a half-hour I movie and talk by Jim. The photography is stunning and the stories are full of adventure and humor.  You will encounter grizzly bears, moose, and hoards of mosquitoes, as well as the vastness of the Arctic. Jim will also answer any and all questions and tell you how to organize your own trip in the Arctic.  Come whet your appetite for adventure.

How to buy a canoe

Canoe Shoping


The price of gas is making it much more expensive to get out and about.  The outdoors person is also feeing the pinch.  That big old bass boat pulled behind the pickup truck is getting downright pricy to operate.  One solution that will still get outdoors men and women out on the rivers and lakes is to buy a canoe.  A canoe is a highly versatile craft that will travel on just about any body of water.  A canoe can also handle just about any task on water with the exception of towing water skiers or wake boarders.  However, this is offset by the ability of canoes to run some very wild white water rapids, which in my mind is way more exciting and challenging than water skiing.  Canoes are some of the most efficient watercraft around with many canoes being able to carry 1000 pounds of gear and people.  A canoe can be transported from one location to another on nearly any vehicle.  I have hauled mine all over the Midwest on top of decidedly uncool station wagons.   Finally canoeing is wonderful family activity.  My own children began their canoeing careers at age one.  Over the years they have progress from 10 minute paddles on Lakes Menomin and Tainter to an 800-mile trip on the Yukon River. 

The Six Rules of Muzzle Loading

This comprehensive presentation teaches the best methods for successful muzzle loader hunting. Jim distills his 25 plus years of muzzle loader hunting and research into 6 concise “Rules” that will help both novice and veteran hunters to have a more successful hunt. In addition to being an active muzzle loader hunter, Jim has spend decades researching old time muzzle loading hunting techniques. Jim shares much of that rerseach with the audience. While talking about The Rules many hunting stories will be used to illustrate the points in the rules.

The Six Rules are: